YOU ARE YOUR THOUGHTS & how your thoughts make you.
by shunyo

In my early days, I used to stand on the window of my ancestral house, watching people pass by. Strolling, driving, or just going about their daily lives. Some were well off, some poor, some young, some old, some happy, some seemed to be carrying the burden of the world on their shoulders, while some appeared to have the gait of a person just released from prison. Carefree and happy.

If an Alien dropped by, watching this they would say we all look the same, they all look like one species, so what's the difference.

There is a considerable difference …..What makes one pleasant and the other aggravated, what makes one rich, the other poor, what makes one smile and the other sad.

How one thinks, how one processes a though, how much importance one attaches to thought and how much one gets carried away by the idea, these are the factors that influence and change a person's life.

When we say that a particular person changed due to specific incidents in their lives, it is usually the change in the thought processes that occurred in the individuals thinking, that brought about these changes.

It ultimately depends on how you think about a situation and one's attitude on how one deals with it.

Human beings are considered to be the most superior amongst all the species on the planet, only because of their ability to think and discriminate. It is believed that even after death, thoughts remain indelible – such is the power of thinking.

People respond in different ways, even though their circumstances may be similar, this has been proven, and the reasoning is 'the differences in their thinking'.

One will make themselves miserable, while the other may remain joyous. Indeed, all the UP's and Downs, joys and sorrows in an individual's life begin with their thoughts'.

Fire is the kindling of life, and our thoughts are the kind of light that can burn and destroy, as well as illuminate lives. They can, like a string, bring diverse people and cultures together. Thoughts can divide, too.

Man is considered to be the most dangerous and violent being on the planet today, humans are the most violent and destructive creature on the earth today, and this is because of their thoughts.

The individual thinks up rules which they use for their Ego and engages in destructive activity. On the other hand, an individual could well live a life of peace, non-violence, compassion and service from their thoughts.

Over the ages, spiritual people and ancient sages have identified thought as the most potent strength of a human being. Just as fire warms the surroundings, thoughts that have the power to transform the personality of the individual who manifests them.

The mind is the source of all thought. The mind is by itself a great device, endowed as it is, with reportedly 700 billion neurones. Just as the sun permeates its rays everywhere, the mind emits a special kind of energy, every minute and it manifests itself through one's thoughts, feelings, sentiments, and ultimately actions.

Thoughts emit very subtle waves. These waves set one person apart from another. Thought waves are enhanced when they are centred around strong ideas that are engaged in the quest for truth and moral integrity. Such thinkers become positive influencers. Thus the need to teach the art of positive thinking.

Revolutionary thought processes, and keeping an open mind have bought about changes and a shift in the thinking in many religions, cultures and especially in society. It could be said that if clarity is not present in thoughts, then significant problems are created.

Misunderstandings and distrust can run so deep that they can get carried over from one generation to the next, and history is the ultimate witness of this. Misunderstanding and distrust once born make all relationships change character.

Think wisely, as somewhere in our lives we have experienced, that hatred and anger are very difficult to unravel. Our thoughts turn into words, into actions and this leads to decisions and ultimately repercussions.

And we as human beings have come to realise that we need to look and become conscious of these thoughts, to become aware and create an awareness of these powerful, yet negative vibes that emanate from our brains. We need to channelise our minds and make it work for us rather than vis.

Thus we come to the connection between The Mind – The Body & Well-being. There is a powerful connection between these …. If the mind is channelised in the right manner, the body will also be calm and organised..and once this realisation sets in…..One is On the path.