synergy 3B

Breath | Body | Being

“The interaction or cooperation of two or more entities to produce a combined effect greater than the sum of their separate effects.”


Systematically energise one using the 3b’s Breath, Body and Being.

In a way the 3b’s are the roots of your life.

Breath flows through your body, call it chi’, prana, the flow, whatever you want – this provides sustenance and energy to the body to function. You Breathe – to keep your body going – to maintain your wellbeing – it is the basic of life itself.

Body gets nourishment from the breath, (yes’ I hear you say what about nutrition) but the breath leads the way…flowing from the time of your birth to your last breath. Use and be aware of the breath in every movement, in every activity, be it in sports, housework, or at your place of work.

Being Haven’t we all heard the words…take a breath and calm down? So breathing calms the nervous system, thus the body is relaxed, this in turn calms the mind, alleviates stress, facilitates alertness, and creates mindfulness’. This is the state that all the ancient rishis, yogis and modern trainers have been talking about since a long time.

At synergy3B we combine the energy of these three key entities to systematically energise the individual. It is a One on One wellbeing program that is designed for the individual and starts from the very stage the individual is at the moment.

How many times have you heard….

I would love to do Yoga but I am not flexible! At synergy3B we say…can you move a bit, can you raise your arms, can you twist a bit…well that’s your starting point, that’s your yoga, now let’s start to synergise your wellbeing.


Thoughts Make U

In my early days, I used to stand on the window of my ancestral house, watching people pass by. Strolling, driving, or just going about their daily lives. Some were well off, some poor, some young, some old, some happy, some seemed to be carrying the burden of the world on their shoulders...

A rendezvous with the Breath.

My 88-year-old mom came to visit the family in Sydney. Australia. A sprightly grandmother of 8 and great grandma to 3, she is of small stature and is the proverbial pocket rocket...

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